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Vincent at Montmartre

Last year I was lucky enough to spend about 8 days in Paris. I had visited Montmartre before, but had found it a horrible place full of tourists and touts. I thought it was a bit stressful.

However, this time, I stayed away from Sacre Coeur and walked the side streets. I also visited the amazing Musee de Montmartre, which is an innovative and fascinating museum.

  The musee's emphasis on Montmartre history is unique, and its collection of lithographs amazing.It introduced me to a whole new world of Steinlein and Ibils and the great lithographers and etchers of the 19th Century. In addition you can walk in Renoir's garden. As an Australian, I don't get to walk in the footsteps of French impressionists that often.

 The last vineyard of Montmartre

Of course I also went looking for Vincent (and some juggling balls, but that's another story.)

And I found him! Or rather the house that he and Theo shared in Paris.

Here is the plaque on the building

Here is the famous blue door and the number. It took me a while to find it, and unlike Auvers, there weren't a lot of Vincent fans around to help.

And here is a photo of the whole building from across the street. I was very excited.

I have changed my mind about Montmartre. It's a lovely part of Paris.  

And Vincent liked it too...